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92.6% of travellers prefer to seek destination information on the Internet

75% of the average tourist’s budget is spent or committed before they even leave home

The #1 web site dedicated to tourism in the Turks & Caicos is


Tourists research and book travel on-line more than any other method.

Now you can use the reach of this popular web site to promote your business to the world!

The numbers don’t lie: If you are in the tourism business, you have to have an aggressive and high visibility Internet presence. Studies have shown that Internet marketing is more efficient, cost effective and generates higher returns than any other type of advertising in the tourism industry.

Now there is a better option for Turks & Caicos businesses to leverage the efficiency and reach of the Internet.

Promote your business on, the official site for tourism in the Turks & Caicos. This site comes up #1 in Google and Yahoo searches on Turks & Caicos. Plus,  it is supported by an international marketing program that includes magazine advertising, TV & radio promotion, billboards, direct marketing, PR and events.

Programs available to local business include:

  • FREE listings, photos and contact info in relevant sections of
  • Banner advertising opportunities throughout the site
  • Announcements of special events and promotional/pricing offers
  • Feature stories and reviews
  • Custom programs for specific objectives


To learn more about promoting your business on-line, contact 


Please click here to download the Banner Advertising Program and agreement in PDF format.


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