Local Restaurant Spotlight – Mr Groupers

There are many wonderful and tasty local restaurants in Turks and Caicos serving a broad range of dishes from around the world, but a big attraction is finding a real “locals” place. A restaurant that is just as popular with the local residents as it is with tourists. Mr Groupers is such a restaurant and  is located only a few minutes from all the major resorts and within walking distance of a few.

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Being an owner of one of the more popular Providenciales restaurants hasn’t been easy for Philippe, nor is it for most people. He works long hours in a steaming hot kitchen, but he doesn’t complain. As long as Philippe is busy at work, said his wife, Yadley, he’s happy.

“I always tell him to have a lot of faith, whatever he does,” Yadley said.

There’s nothing more satisfying for Philippe than to hear kind words from his customers. Putting his passion to practice is one thing, but to know that his passion affects others in a positive way makes any obstacle worth it for the man they call Mr. Grouper.

“That makes my whole day,” Philippe said. “That’s what keeps me going mostly.”

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