Nassau Grouper Closed Season

Closed Season

1st December to 28th February


TCI-erbDuring closed season
No taking of Nassau grouper,
No possession, No selling, No buying
Thank you for your cooperation

Why have a closed season?

We are very lucky in the TCI that we have a strong population of Nassau grouper. Most other countries have fished them out. If we do not take steps to manage this species, it will also decline in the TCI, which will be bad news for fishermen, for people who like to eat it, and for snorkelers and divers.grouper
The most effective strategy is to protect Nassau grouper during their breeding season of December, January and February. During this time they are very vulnerable to fishing because they migrate to form large breeding aggregations.

Grouper fishing Season

Although the timing is different, the closed season is essentially the same as the spiny lobster (crawfish) closed season: it will be illegal to take Nassau grouper from the sea, illegal to possess Nassau grouper, illegal to buy it, sell it, or serve it in restaurants.
We appreciate your cooperation as we all work together to keep Nassau grouper as an important part of our marine environment, as a strong resource for fisheries, and a species that snorkelers and divers will continue to see.

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