Resilience is when you decide to bend not break, get up not stay down, regroup and push forward.

Turks & Caicos is #openforbusiness! #turksandcaicos #tcistrong #beautifulbynature 

Recovery Updates


Updated on 23rd October 2017

Resort Name Re-Open Date Island
Seven Stars Open Providenciales
The Atrium Open Providenciales
Caribbean Paradise Inn Open Providenciales
Grace Bay Suites Open Providenciales
The Somerset Open Providenciales
La Vista Azul Open Providenciales
Windsong Open Providenciales
The Sands Open Providenciales
The Shore Club Open Providenciales
The Palms Open Providenciales
The Regent Grand Open Providenciales
Grace Bay Club Open Providenciales
Reef Residences Open Providenciales
The Tuscany Open Providenciales
The Venetian Open Providenciales
Villa Del Mar Open Providenciales
West Bay Club Open Providenciales
Gansevoort Open Providenciales
Villa Renaissance Open Providenciales
Alexandra Open Providenciales
Beach House Open Providenciales
Blue Haven Open Providenciales
Ocean Club West Open Providenciales
Beach Enclave Open Providenciales
Coral Gardens Open Providenciales
Amanyara Open Providenciales
Parrot Cay Resort Open Parrot Cay
Pelican Beach Hotel Open North Caicos
Ports of Call Open Providenciales
Point Grace Open Providenciales
Royal West Indies Open Providenciales
Meridian Club Open Providenciales
Ocean Club Open Providenciales
Club Med Turkoise   31-Jan 2018 Providenciales
Beaches Open Providenciales
East Bay Resort 15-Dec South Caicos
Sailrock 16-Dec South Caicos
Dragon Cay Resort
(formerly Blue Horizon Resort)
Open Middle Caicos
Bohio Dive Resort Open Grand Turk
Sibone Open Providenciales
Restaurant Name Re-Open Date
Baci  Open
Bella Luna  Open
Bogaloo’s  Open
The Conch Shack Open
The Caravel Open
Coven  Open
Chopsticks Open
Coco Bistro/ Coco Van Open
Danny Buoys Open
Drift @ West Bay Club Open
Fire & Ice Open
Fresh Catch Open
Garam Masala Open
Hemingways Open
Infiniti @ Grace Bay Club Open
Lemon To Go Open
Le Buchon Du Villige Open
Mango Reef Open
Mr. Grouper’s Open
Opus Open
Parallel 23  Open
Crackpot Kitchen  Open
Pork Shack Open
Mackies Café Open
The Sand Bar Open
The Grill @ Grace Bay Club Open
Lupo Open
Stelle @ Gansevoort Open
Zest Open
Kalookis 1-Nov 
Kitchen 218 1-Nov 
72 West/Plunge @ Palms Open
The Deck @ Seven Stars Open
Pavillion Open 
Pelican Bay Open 
Pizza Pizza – Cinema Plaza Open 
Pizza Pizza – La Terazza Open 
Turkberry  Open 
Seven @ Seven Stars Open 
Simone’s Bar & Grill Open 
Solana! @ Ocean Club West Open 
Somewhere… Café & Lounge Open 
Thai Orchid Open 
 Via Veneto Open 
The Vix Open 
Yoshi’s Sushi Bar Open 
Angela’s Top O’ the Cove Open 
Caicos Café Open 
    Coconut Grove Open 
Fairways Bar & Grill Open 
Giggles Ice Cream Open 
    Grace’s Cottage Open 
      Graceway Gourmet Open 
  Le Comptoir Francais Open 
  Magnolia Open 
  The Patty Place Open 
Turks Kebab Open 
Big Al’s Open 
Fresh Catch Open 


List Of Villas Opening Managed By
Acajou December Island Escapes
Alamander December  Island Escapes 
Alizee December  Island Escapes 
Aqua Pulchra December Island Escapes  
Aventine December Island Escapes  
Blanca December Island Escapes  
Blue Haven December Island Escapes  
Breezy Palms December Island Escapes  
Carpi December Island Escapes  
Casa Barana December Island Escapes  
Channel House December Island Escapes  
Conch Beach December  Island Escapes 
Conched Out December  Island Escapes 
De Ligera December Island Escapes  
Etoile December Island Escapes  
Five Turtles December Island Escapes  
Gwynt Amour December Island Escapes  
Hesperides December Island Escapes  
Isla December Island Escapes  
Luna Sea December Island Escapes  
Mirabelle December  Island Escapes 
Ocean Palms December  Island Escapes 
Oceana December Island Escapes  
Palermo December Island Escapes 
Palmera December Island Escapes  
Palm Jewel December  Island Escapes 
Palmyra 105 December Island Escapes  
Paprika December Island Escapes  
Rossi Di Sera December Island Escapes  
Sapphire Sunset December Island Escapes  
Sea Cliff December Island Escapes  
Serene December Island Escapes  
Shambhala December  Island Escapes 
Sulmare Villas Taylor Bay December Island Escapes 
Sulmare Villas Sapodilla Bay December Island Escapes  
Sunset Close December Island Escapes  
Sunset Point December Island Escapes  
Twelve Palms December  Island Escapes 
12 Palms Cottage December Island Escapes  
Villa View December Island Escapes  
Vivace December Island Escapes  
Sugar Hube December  Island Escapes 
Beach Kandi December Island Escapes  
Hakuna Matata December Island Escapes  
Serenity House December Island Escapes  
LaKouoba December Island Escapes  
Breezy Villa Blue Pearl December Island Escapes  
Grand View 103 December Island Escapes  
Grand Viiew 106 December Island Escapes  
Grand View 301 December Island Escapes  
Villa Zen December Island Escapes  
Limbo Villa December  Island Escapes 
Venetian 204 December Island Escapes  
List Of Villas 2 Opening Managed By
Amazing Grace Open The Source
AWA Open  The Source 
Coral House Open  The Source 
Conch Villa Open The Source 
Hawksbill Open The Source  
Island Tranquility Open The Source  
Long Bay House Open The Source  
Milestone Open The Source  
Saving Grace Open The Source  
Sentosa Open The Source 
Turquoise Villa Open The Source  
Turtle House Open The Source  
Tip of the Tail Open The Source  
Tranquility House Nov The Source  
Parrot Cay Nov The Source  
Mandalay Villa Dec The Source  
Triton Villa Oct  The Source 
Cascade Villa 1-Nov TC Villas
Aguazura Villa 1-Nov TC Villas
Castaway Villa 1-Nov  TC Villas
Aguaribay Villa 1-Nov  TC Villas
Villa Del Sol 1-Dec Tranquility Property Management TCI
Pelican Vista   1-Dec Tranquility Property Management TCI
Bijou 1-Dec Tranquility Property Management TCI
Eden House 1-Dec Tranquility Property Management TCI
Grace Too   1-Dec Tranquility Property Management TCI

Should you wish to add your establishment’s re-opening date to this list, please email with details

Don’t believe the hype! The Turks & Caicos is open for business and ready to welcome you. Hurricanes Irma and Maria did not break us, nor steal our ability to love and serve.  Our hotels, villas and restaurants have begun reopening and tour operators have resumed activities too. We are TCI Strong… and rebuilding stronger than ever.

Come back soon! You’ll be happy to know that your stay with us will help rebuild our islands and return normal lives back to our people. We look forward to welcoming you to the Turks & Caicos, which will always be ‘Beautiful by Nature’.

[Video captured September 26, 2017]

Turks & Caicos is #openforbusiness! #turksandcaicos #tcistrong #beautifulbynature 

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