Making up the other half of the ‘twin islands’ is Middle Caicos. Middle Caicos is the largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands chain. A visit to this grand isle is an ideal experience and is the perfect opportunity to explore the dramatic cave system on Middle Caicos and revel in discovering the maze of caverns in The Indian Cave and Conch Bar Cave. Middle Caicos is home to some of the largest limestone cave systems in the Caribbean region with the underground caves extending for miles and connecting to the ocean. Adventurous travelers can go off the beaten path and enjoy hiking, biking and hobie tandem kayak fishing. Mudjin Harbour offers breathtaking views of the picturesque beaches and Dragon Cay and you can stargaze from the striking limestone cliffs along the coast. Take a piece of Middle Caicos home with you by purchasing a straw hat, purse or wallet, hand woven by the charismatic and industrious people of the island. Middle Caicos is also home to beautiful Bambarra Beach, an impeccable beach camping site and also the scene of the annual Valentine’s Day Cup.

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