Commonly referred to as “The Big South”, the island  is a marine paradise best known as the fishing capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The 18 square mile island has a brilliant blend of luxury and quaint accommodations that includes Ocean & Beach Resort, East Bay Resort and the island’s only five star property – Sail Rock Resort.

How to get to South Caicos?

South Caicos is a quick and impeccable island getaway as it is only a ninety minute ferry ride or short twenty minute flight from Providenciales. The close proximity makes the Island  ideal for dual island vacations in Turks and Caicos. Visitors are drawn to South Caicos for its fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving along the wall. Go bone fishing in the flats guided by expert fishermen or snorkel right off the immaculate beaches. Head to the heart of the town to enjoy a down-home island meal or treat yourself to a gourmet meal in a restaurant. Experience superior diving at Amos’ Wall, Eagle Nest and The Arch.

Ditch your flip flops and prepare to unwind and unplug while making personal connections with the friendly Harbonians (a colloquial term for natives of the island). Spend a day on the water catching seafood for your dinner or visit one of the popular plants to purchase fresh fish for a proper ‘sea to table’ dining experience. Catch, tag and release turtles with local tour operators then end your evening with exotic cocktails and dancing to the sound of ripsaw music.

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