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Building on a Caribbean Island can be a daunting task. Often the thought of managing such a huge undertaking from a great distance is enough to discourage all but the experienced developer. However, with a little research, and the right project team the whole process can be hassle free and an extremely rewarding experience.

There are two main methods of construction within the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Design and Build

  • By choosing the design and build route the client utilizes the experience of the General Contractor at an early stage to help develop the design, liaise with planning submissions, advise on construction methods and design choices, advise on budget, manage the project, and construct your home.
  • By appointing the Contractor early in the project, time savings can be achieved by overlapping the design and construction period.
  • The design and build route allows the client to have as much or as little involvement in the construction of their home as suits their lifestyle whilst putting added responsibility onto the Contractor.

Traditional Build

  • By choosing the traditional route of construction the client appoints an architect who will generally be the first point of contact throughout the project. The Architect will then undertake the initial outline design, taking account of the client’s tastes and budget. This design will then be developed over the coming months, to the point where it is ready for submission to the Physical Planning Department. The speed of the overall approval process depends heavily on the completeness of the overall submission and the pro-active approach taken by the Architect.
  • Once the design is sufficiently progressed the architect will issue the drawings to a contractor who will provide a price and timescale to construct your home. The Architect and Contractor will be capable of assisting with final choices regarding finishes and fixtures and will proceed with handover of the project in accordance with the predetermined timescale.
  • In general 3-6 months should be allowed for the design process, 1-3 months should be allowed for planning approval and the construction phase can take anywhere from 7-18 months depending on the size of the project.

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Contact the Turks & Caicos Planning Department for more information 649-946-4340

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