Traveling to Turks and Caicos with Plants and Animals

Visitors to the TCI should know that there are conditions which must be adhered to by law when bringing in controlled/regulated commodities to the islands.

Animals including Cats and Dogs as well as live Plants and Plant Products e.g. fruits, flowers and seeds are controlled/regulated commodities.

These items may only be imported into the TCI through a port of entry. No controlled/regulated commodity may be imported unless:

  • An import permit has been issued by the Department of Agriculture
  • The Controlled/regulated commodity meets the import conditions of the permit and
  • The controlled/regulated commodity is accompanied by any other documentation required by law

It is the traveler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy and completeness of all import conditions before you arrive into TCI. There are penalties for persons who do not comply with the law.

Please follow the links below to download forms and relevant guidelines. You can also contact the Turks and Caicos Islands Government Department of Agriculture via for additional information.

Thank you for assisting us with keeping TCI beautiful and safe.

Please see the following applications can be useful when you traveling to Turks and Caicos :

Import conditions and useful information:

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