Boutique Islands and Cays

Parrot Cay

Local legend purports that female pirate Anne Bonny camped out here in the 1720s, lending the original name – Pirate Cay. This 1000 acre island now hosts the ultra luxurious and very private vacation hideaway Parrot Cay Resort and Spa, called by some the world’s most exclusive resort. Movie stars enjoy the solitude and anonymity. Beachfront homes have been built for the rich and famous including Bruce Willis and Keith Richards.

Pine Cay

Pine Cay resort

Apart from a settlement of Arawak Indians, probably dating to the 11th century, Pine Cay has had no permanent population until The Meridian Club, Turks and Caicos was built here in the 1970s. Today, the people who work on the island come primarily from North Caicos and Middle Caicos.

Ambergris Cay

Experience your own private island escape on Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos. Just a short 20 min. flight on a private air transfer from Providenciales Int’l Airport (PLS), Ambergris Cay is a secret pearl on the beautiful necklace of islands that is Turks and Caicos. Reserved exclusively for a select few, Ambergris Cay entices with a serene natural beauty, from the endless turquoise blue waters of the Caicos Banks to starry nights with stunning views of the constellations unobstructed by the glare of civilization. Whether you seek a discreet peaceful retreat to unwind and disconnect or prefer to stay active with watersports, bone fishing or nature walks, our attentive team will pamper you with bespoke service, all-inclusive gourmet meals and premium beverages, a daily complimentary spa treatment, catered lunch on a nearby deserted island and more to ensure an unforgettable private island experience.

Little Water Cay

If you want to see iguanas around a deserted island – this is the place. Easy to get to via kayak from Deep Blue located on the Leeward side – or you can take one of the many day boat rides out here. Kids would love it. Not a whole day type adventure, but definitely worth the half day trip.

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