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Pictured L-R: Visitor Receptionist – Michalia Clare, Senior Quality Assurance Officer – A. Donjae Lewis, Visitor Receptionist – Rosheka Drepaul, Senior Public Relations Officer – Elisha Jennings, Visitor Receptionist – Reggie Dickenson, Executive Assistance – Yanike Lee, Senior Marketing Officer – Jennifer Pardo, Director of Tourism – Pamela Ewing, Training Manager – E. Blythe Clare, Visitor Receptionist – Shaleeya Richardson, Quality Assurance Officer – Brenda Jones, Accounts Clerk – Kristin Missick, Financial Controller – Diedra Been, Visitor Receptionist – Georgia Williams.

Not Pictured: Deputy Director – Mary Lightbourne, Product Development Officer – Candesha Mills, Statistical Officer – Sharissa Lightbourne, Canada Marketing Executive – Layton Lewis, UK/Europe Marketing Executive – Courtney Robinson

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