Pine Cay

At only 800 acres, Pine Cay sits between North Caicos and Providenciales and is a hideaway haven boasting 2 miles of unparalleled pristine beach, a small number of private homes and The Meridian Club. This private island has a no car policy and is recognized for its environmental conservation and sustainability efforts. With a private marina and airstrip, this island retreat provides the perfect atmosphere to bask in the natural beauty, enjoy bird watching, savor the culinary creations, indulge in a massage at Sand Dollar Spa and beachside yoga, while relishing in world class accommodations. The Meridian Club was awarded Caribbean’s Leading Private Island Resort 2019 by the World Travel Awards.

Fan facts about Pine Cay

Throughout maritime history, Pine Cay has played an integral role in seafaring exploration of the area. Pine Cay has served as a source of fresh water for seafarers since the time of Columbus where he restocked on his 1492 voyage to Cuba. Today, the Meridian Club in Turks and Caicos takes great pride in its stellar stewardship of the island’s eco-system. Perhaps the most intriguing natural feature of the island, aside from the clear turquoise ocean waters and spun-sugar beach, is Pine Cay’s underwater freshwater lens. A quirk of nature, this limestone formation is a porous structure much like a bath sponge. It causes rainfall to be trapped and held in the limestone “sponge”. Because freshwater is less dense than saltwater, it floats on top. The fresh water forms a lens of pure, freshwater varying from a few inches thick to up to more than 50 feet deep. (source: Panamajack)

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Meridian Club (The), Turks and Caicos
Pine Cay
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Choose to relax in one of just 12 spacious beachfront guest rooms, the secluded Sand Dollar cottage, or an intimate collection of private cottages. Whether enjoying a romantic escape, a fam […]

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