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Turks & Caicos Islands Tourist Board Contribution /sponsorship Guidelines
The following are the guidelines to making contributions or sponsorships:

1. Every allocation for contribution must have the prescribed form attached and properly completed.
2. The event/activity must have some relevance to the promotion and development of tourism.
3. The Board’s contribution to any event will not exceed Two ($2,000.00) dollars, EXCEPT in the case of;
    a. Marketing Events
    b. International events that are geared towards the promotion of the Destination
    c. Or any other recommended event by the Ministry of Tourism
   When the contribution would be left to the discretion of the Board.
4. The Board shall not give any one organization more than one contribution per year.
5. Prior sponsorship/contribution does not guarantee that the board will be able to contribute annually.
6. The Board will not contribute to profitable initiative unless the proceeds will go to support some common good. For example if partial proceeds will be donated to a Charity, Civic Group, Schools, Community Group or towards a community enhancement project.
7. The Board will give priority consideration to request for contributions for:
  • Activities and events that promote domestic tourism.
  • Activities/events that would positively impart tourism education
  • Activities/events that promote culture
  • Activities/events that promote local heritage
  • Community Groups for projects such as community enhancement or beautification.
  • Civic Groups/Schools travelling International to represent the Destination.
  • Sporting activities under the auspices of a recognized local sporting organization.

  • 8. Request for contributions should reach the Product Development Department at least 60 days before the date of the event.
    9. The Board should exercise extreme caution when contributing to one off events or first time event that have no success history.
    10. All contributions will be made payable by Cheque.
    11. Where the Tourist Board has made a contribution whether monetary or any other kind, the Board’s logo must appear on any promotional material as a sponsor of the event. “The trademarked logo must be requested from the Tourist Board Senior Marketing or Public Relations Officer”.

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