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Summer travel: Here’s what families can expect from summer vacation this year

As the school year winds down and New York City begins reopening, many families are wondering what summer vacation will look like.  

What will be safe to do? Will traveling be allowed? Should a staycation itinerary be in the works? Using guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, we’ll help you determine what you feel is best for your family this year. 

Visit the CDC website if you are in search of additional information. Be safe, New Yorkers. 

Can my family take a plane?

Although you can book a domestic flight, there are many factors to consider before doing so. The CDC states that traveling through an airport right now increases exposure to COVID-19 and limits the opportunity to practice social distancing, particularly when going through security checkpoints and securing a seat on the plane (even though new TSA guidelines in place).

The CDC recommends researching how the virus has affected where you live and where you are traveling. Families should also take into consideration their current health status as well as the status of those they’ll encounter while on their trip.

If you need a refund on a plane ticket, visit the U.S. Department of Transportation

Can my family take a bus or train?

Like air travel, there are also factors to consider before booking bus and train trips. 

The CDC has not confirmed if one type of travel is safer than another, but bus or train usage exposes guests to the virus in the air and on surfaces, similarly to airport travel. Additionally, families might not be able to practice safe social distancing while on a bus or train.

Can my family stay in a hotel or an Airbnb? 

Hotels are beginning to reopen with new procedures in place (including the installation of electrostatic sprayers and contactless check-ins). Airbnb has new mandatory protocol as well, including 24 hours between rentals.

However, guests are encouraged to think about the amount of people they’d encounter before making reservations. 

Can my family travel internationally? 

While locations outside of the United States (including Turks and Caicos and Jamaica) are starting to welcome back tourists in the not-so-distant future, the CDC suggests avoiding all nonessential international travel right now. 

Can my family go camping?

It depends on your location. Some state and national parks are reopening, but restricting certain activities. Research each location before you make a visit. 

Can my family visit local farms?

Farms are beginning to reopen throughout the tristate area but have begun implementing new rules. Call your destination before making a trip.

If you’re curious about this year’s berry-picking season, here’s what New York-based farms had to say about their new policies. 

Source: Time Out

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