World’s Best Dives: Island Hopping

Posted by Sports Diver Magazine
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1. French Polynesia | The Islands of Tahiti Diving in French Polynesia is everything 
not pictured in those photos of over-water bungalows. Start your dive on the outside of the reef wall. Off Rangiroa as high tide approaches, the incoming water pushes anything chasing the flow of bait inside the lagoon. This means gray reef sharks, silvertips, whitetip reef sharks, dolphins, mantas — and divers. After Rangiroa, you’ll have to return to the main island of Tahiti and fly to Fakarava, which offers more pass diving, and Bora Bora for a snorkel with lemon sharks. But the best reason to hop a plane is the Austral Islands, home to another wonder. September and October, the waters off Rurutu are thick with humpback whales and their just-born calves.

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