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Explorer takes virtual community on next expedition: Mario Rigby, eco-explorer begins solo journey across Turks and Caicos, April 30th



Ananticipated 6 day solo human powered expedition crossing the 8 main islands of Turks & Caicos, Mario Rigby and sponsorship partner Arc’Teryx are inviting their global community to join him as he crosses his home country on the Caicos Challenge. This will be an athletic feat that has never been recorded before making Rigby the first to ever to do so. #CaicosChallenge

TORONTO April 1, 2021 – Eco-Explorer Mario Rigby, known for his historic expedition Crossing Africa is embarking on a new adventure.

Mario Rigby is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible while celebrating inclusion and diversity in the outdoors. This April, Mario will traverse the eight main islands of Turks and Caicos over 6 grueling days of solo, human-powered movements (cycling, trekking, paddling, kayaking and swimming). Rigby feels it’s time to showcase the beauty that rests within these diverse landscapes and to spotlight the importance of maintaining the precious natural resources of his home.

Arc’Teryx has partnered with Rigby to launch a virtual community event, the Caicos Community Challenge that invites their global audiences to join in on the expedition from home. Through the mobile app, Strava, adventure enthusiasts and fitness gurus alike will be able to train alongside Mario and the Arc’Teryx community.

This journey will engage a global audience in conversations to support inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors.

Mr. Rigby will be raising funds to support the Turks and Caicos Reef Fund, whose mission is to help preserve and protect the Turks and Caicos Island (TCI) environment through education, research and advocacy. The funds raised by Rigby’s global community will provide a marine life and environmental youth program in TCI. Working together with local youth centers, Turks and Caicos Reef Fund will deliver hands on experience with things such as mangrove planting and growth monitoring, kayaking in mangrove forests, snorkeling on near shore reefs, nature hikes to identify unique native species and a swim program. Rigby believes the more each of us has access to the outdoors, the more individuals will take steps to care for and protect the environment.

In a world that’s rapidly changing, Mario believes his life lessons and adventures are worth sharing and hopes to inspire others to have more courage and address global issues that affect us all.


Mario Rigby was born in Turks & Caicos Islands and spent his childhood in Germany, before moving to Toronto, Canada at the age of 16. He’s always had a tremendous drive to push the limits in athletics, exploration and anything else he puts his mind to.

In 2018, Mario completed his crossing Africa journey, a two-year trek walking and kayaking from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt. The journey allowed him to connect with communities and share their message and stories with the world with a goal to inspire people locally and globally to get out, be brave, and see the world.

Mario is an advocate for the inclusion of diversity in the outdoors and encourages people to explore the outdoors through sustainable forms of travel. Mario’s stories are riveting and thought-provoking as he reveals what he’s learned about humanity and overcoming fear. In a world that’s rapidly changing, Mario believes his life lessons are worth sharing and hopes to inspire others to have more courage and address global issues that affect us all.

Instagram: @MarioRigby
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Facebook: @MarioRigby

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Karen Francis | | +1 (647) 998-3397

“I want communities of colour to understand that nature is a beautiful place, a place where confidence can be built.”  Knowing you can survive in the outdoors is the ultimate confidence booster.” – Mario Rigby
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