Fishing capital of the Turks and Caicos “THE BIG SOUTH”

When you talk about serenity, homeliness, and exuberant amounts of marine life to be captured – you talk about South Caicos. Commonly known to the islanders of Turks and Caicos as “The Big South”, this is the island within our archipelago that produces the largest amount of fish, lobster, conch and many more to be distributed across the islands. With such easy access to local fish, you are able to experience and enjoy “sea to table” dining. Visitors are welcomed to take full advantage of the expert fishermen taking them bone fishing for a teachable but yet exciting adventure.

Also known for its salt pond Salinas and rich history, South Caicos provides its visitors more than just a great fishing experience. Breath taking views, island breeze unlike any other, and friendly locals known as “Harbonians” to enjoy the quaint town of the Big South. You can experience superior snorkeling and diving at Amos’ wall, Eagle Nest and The Arch. With the tides being low, you can even whale watch from the island as whale watching is uniquely familiar for the islands of Grand Turk and Salt Cay. 

The 18 square mile island has wonderful, uncrowded, powder white sand beaches to enjoy. Family friendly activities on the island include catching, tagging, and releasing turtles with tour operators and then ending your evening with the harmonious sounds of ripsaw music whilst enjoying the fine cuisine on the island.

South Caicos is a quick and unforgettable island gem and it is only a 90-minute Ferry Ride or a short 20-minute flight from Providenciales. The close proximity makes this island perfect for travelers who either want to island hop, or for extended visits. After so many years of cancellation and postponements, The Big South is bringing back its annual cultural festival, Regatta which will be taking place at the Regatta Village from May 27th – 28th. This is an event tourist or locals will not want to miss, see you there! 

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