written by “Layton Lewis”

Home to some of the most majestic birds in the world, Grand Turk is the perfect destination for bird watching. From novice bird watchers, to experts, this coastline destination offers many opportunities to enjoy different species of birds in their natural habitats. When touring the national parks, you can find over 170 different species of birds on the island of Grand Turk alone, it is truly a birdwatcher’s paradise. There are a few bird watching trails in Grand Turk that you can either experience by walking or driving a fun golf cart to find the various bird habitats and nesting spots.

Bird watching is a cultural tradition in Grand Turk and is taught and thus experienced from a young age. Primary school age children often take field trips to the different bird watching sites around the island. Their goal is to find and tick off the different birds they spot on their journey. Although is still and upcoming tourist attraction it has a cultural and historical significance to the native population of Grand Turk. 

The Salinas

North and South Backsalina provide safe passage for migrating and native bird species. The superb climate conditions, and abundant food that the Salinas offer provide an exceptional habitat for birds. Our bright pink flamingos for example keep their gleaming color by eating shrimp in the Salinas. Other species of birds that can be found in the Salinas are Great Blue Herons, Osprey and Pelicans alongside Egrets, Terns, Frigates, Bodies, and other water birds. A sight to behold are the Black Necked Stilt five-day old chicks that can be seen wading in the Great Salina. 

South Creek and North Creek 

The Southern and Northern wells are both pipelines for fresh water and have been utilized for hundreds of years by the native population. Beyond the boardwalk of South Creek is where you can find primarily Osprey, Flamingoes, and various Warblers. North Creek, which is in greater capacity of South Creek, are good spots to see various Terns, Gulls, Flamingoes, Egrets and Herons. Also, as you’re driving along the road of North Creek, you can spot Black-Bellied Plovers. These two settlements are both homes to native and migrating birds of which novice to expert bird watchers can view and enjoy.

National Museum Botanic Garden 

The National Museum Botanic Garden is unlike or marshlands and wetlands. This flora filled property attracts many land birds inclusive of the native Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. There is a fee attached to viewing but it is well worth it. 

Birdwatching in Grand Turk is one of the most peaceful adventures you can enjoy on the nation’s capital. What makes the experience so special is how approachable the various bird species are. Next time you are in Grand Turk you need to check birdwatching off the bucket list.

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