Birding in Paradise and the launch of the “water wise” garden.





This morning His Excellency the Governor officially launched a new series of bird watching books designed to help support the extension of the tourist season into the summer months and open a new garden at the Museum site on providenciales which will be used to demonstrate and promote effective water conservation across the TCI.


It took place at the National Museum of the TCI’s site at the Village, Grace Bay.

The traditional Wise-Water-Use Garden is a project supported by the RBC international Blue Water Project (represented by Ms Sanfra Foster (RBC Royal Bank) and  the Caicos Heritage House and the Museum (represented by Mrs Patricia Saxton. The layout of the garden and planning was developed by Mr Bryan Naqqi Manco (Department of Environment & Maritime Affairs & expert botanist) who conducted a  guided tour of the traditional garden, the medicinal garden, and the regenerating native plant area.

The new birding guide-booklets or “Birding in Paradise” are a project led by  Dr Mike Pienkowski (UKOTCF) and his wife Ann who have been long time supporters of the TCI. Through their dedication and working alongside several local TCI partners they have produced a series of guide-booklet’s for each of the Turks and Caicos Islands. These booklets are an invaluable resource for anyone interested in birding in Turks and Caicos and will be available for purchase at several retail outlets on each of the islands.

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