Ever tried Bonefishing in Turks and Caicos?

Bonefishing is an art, the first step is to pinpoint the prey.

Bonefish anglers don’t rely on luck, but rather a keen sense of sight and the ability to cast a fly rod well. With fish living in shallow water, the banks of the Turks and Caicos are a world class location for bonefishing and attract anglers from around the world.

To catch a bonefish, you must know how to sight fish. You never cast your line blindly. You quickly learn the signs to look for, and from there it takes practice. On a clear day  you can spy bonefish up to 100 feet away. If you don’t see the silvery fish itself – it is a master of camouflage, after all – you might see its shadow on the sand. Or you’ll see clouds of sediment – signs of feeding bonefish as they dig up crab and shrimp.

Darin Bain, 36, owner of D.B. Tours on Providenciales recently took fisherman Corey out to hunt for the “grey ghost” – nicknamed for its ability to blend with its surroundings.

As Corey puts it: “You’re not going to catch a bonefish by accident.

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