Fun, Rum and Sun – Top 3 Happy Hour Spots in Grand Turk

By Layton Lewis

Grand Turk, the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is renowned for its historic significance, iconic salinas reminiscent of our Salt Industry and its world class diving. For locals, Grand Turk is also synonymous with good vibes and good times. To be able to indulge in an array of liquors, delicious appetizers, and soak in radiant sunshine – happy hour in Grand Turk has always been the silver lining of any local’s day and it can be yours too! 

What better way to complement the breath-taking views of our crystalline seas with the bright orange sunset to boot than with a mango daiquiri or passionfruit mojito. Fortunately, in Grand Turk, there are lots of amazing local spots that provide you with excellent service, panoramic displays of the island’s beauty, and aesthetic and tasty drinks. Here are just three of Grand Turk’s best happy hour spots. 

Grand Turk


Located on the southern part of the island, Jack’s Shack is a beach-front wooden dive shop and bar and grill located directly on Governor’s Beach, and a five-minute walk to the award-winning Grand Turk Cruise Port and MargaritaVille. The aroma of conch fritters fills the atmosphere, and their signature Bambarra rum punch complements this delicacy perfectly. 


Scenery, serenity, and shots! Sandbar is one of the most popular bars in Grand Turk located right on the water. Sandbar caters only to those who want to completely unwind with a drink that packs the ultimate punch. There is never a sad hour here, which means that you’re your happiest at a Sandbar happy hour. Enjoy refreshing drinks that needn’t break the bank and bask in the excitement around you. 

Sandbar – Grand Turk


Known to be one of Grand Turk’s finest boutique hotels, this charming beach-front property located on Front Street, is also home to one of the best bars on the island. Osprey Beach Hotel is surrounded by our beautiful turquoise waters, however, there is also a pool adjacent to the bar for you to enjoy at any time. Indulge in happy hour on the beautiful deck surrounded by fresh flora, and the island breeze that whisks away any troubles from your day. 

Grand Turk is just a 20-minute flight from Providenciales, come on down and experience happy hour with our happy locals. Fun, rum and the sun!

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