Guide to Visiting North Caicos – Getting There and Getting Around

North Caicos is considered the breadbasket of the Turks and Caicos Islands and is beloved for its rich vegetation and agricultural heritage. North Caicos, which is almost forty-five square miles in size, is the second largest in the chain of islands that make up the Turks and Caicos Islands. Located only 30 minutes away from Providenciales by ferry, it is a popular spot for day trips and dual vacations. Passenger ferries such as TCI Ferry and My Girl depart several times per day from Heaving Down Rock in Leeward, Providenciales and arrive at Bellefield Landing in Kew, North Caicos. The round-trip fare is approximately $50-60 per person and reservations can either be booked online or booked on site. Alternatively, you may also book a private boat charter with one of the many excursion companies listed here. Currently the airport in North Caicos is not operational for scheduled flights to the island. 

If you are visiting North Caicos just after you have arrived on your international flight, schedule your TCI ferry reservation accordingly to account for the fifteen-minute drive from the Providenciales International Airport to Heaving Down Rock. It is recommended that you arrive at the dock at least thirty minutes prior to departure. Be sure to also check the baggage requirements for each ferry service.

Upon your arrival to North Caicos, you can either rent a car or prearrange a guided tour of the island with a taxi (especially if you are visiting for only a few hours). You will experience real North Caicos hospitality when you book a guided tour with Al’s Taxi, M&M Taxi or Tiger’s Taxi who are all extremely knowledgeable about the island. Car rental reservations should also be made prior to your arrival to North Caicos. Driving on the island may seem intimidating for first timers but have no fear! Traffic in North Caicos is minimal and navigating the island is seamless with the help of well-placed directional signs throughout the island. Additionally, the main roads throughout the four communities – Kew, Whitby, Sandy Point and Bottle Creek – are all paved. The friendly residents of North Caicos are also very welcoming and helpful in the event you need help or directions. Just remember to drive on the left side of the road. 

Once you have arrived in North Caicos, there’s so much adventure that awaits you. I am the ultimate planner so I make an itinerary of all the places I’d like to see before I travel. Your North Caicos checklist must include heritage sites such as Cottage Pond, Flamingo Pond, Wades Green Plantation and a visit to a farm for locally grown organic produce. 

The best kept secret about North Caicos is undoubtedly the beautiful beaches. The beaches are not only calm and clear, but they are also uncrowded, and you can walk for miles without seeing lines of beach chairs. North Caicos is truly the island to escape to retreat, relax and unwind. As a bonus, the island is connected to Middle Caicos via a causeway, allowing you to experience another Sister Islands in one visit. 

Experience Turks & Caicos beyond Providenciales and venture to the emerald isle of North Caicos – you will not regret it! 

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