Sister Island Business Spotlight: Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights – Grand Turk

By Elisha Jennings 

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love supporting locally owned businesses, particularly those operated by young people from the Turks and Caicos Islands. In our first installment of our Sister Island Business Spotlight, we will venture to the Turks and Caicos Islands capital – Grand Turk
I was first introduced to Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights in 2019 when its owner Cherline Dabel emerged as winner of the Pitch Please competition hosted by the Grace Bay Resorts Community Foundation. Since then, the business has grown in popularity. Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights pays homage to Cherline’s mother Ansil who is affectionately known by her beloved family as “Aunty Nann”. 

I was excited for the opportunity to speak with Cherline about what makes Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights one of Grand Turk’s best kept secrets. 

Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights combines the culinary skills of a self-taught ice cream maker and experienced baker. Their initial product offering includes a wide variety of premium quality homemade ice cream that is rich, creamy and full of flavor. In the near future, they will introduce selections of fresh baked goods to the product line.

Pure vanilla ice-cream by Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights
Strawberry creme ice-cream by Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights

I asked Cherline what one thing is her business known for, over her competitors and why should residents and visitors patronize her business. Her response was that many have often remarked that they are impressed with the high quality of Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights ice cream. They are amazed that the product matches or even succeeds the taste and quality of many recognized store-bought brands that are imported and retailed. Cherline has a solid customer base that willingly supports her because they are guaranteed that the products are always consistently fresh.

Cherline stated, “residents and visitors should patronize Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights because our product is locally produced and our business is locally owned and operated. By supporting our local business, you benefit from our expertise, invest in youth entrepreneurship and, you keep more money in our local economy. Additionally, at Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights, our business slogan is “Love and Delight in Every Bite!” In keeping with our business name and slogan, we treat all our customers, whether residents or visitors, with the same loving care as we would show our family members and, we are confident that our desserts will aptly satisfy all sweet cravings and evoke feelings of love, joy and comfort.”

Double chocolate ice-cream by Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights

Want to indulge in a sweet treat during your visit to Grand Turk? Be sure to check out Aunty Nann’s Homemade Delights. You can also follow them on Instagram @auntynannshd.  Click here to learn more about Grand Turk and to begin planning your vacation. 

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