Listening to some sweet jazz !

Many visitors to the Turks and Caicos Islands are not exactly sure what music they will get to hear during their stay? Will it be steelpan? Some influence from Jamaica or other parts of the Caribbean?  The Laporte brothers are two talented Turks and Caicos musicians that have become familiar fixtures around the island in recent years, sharing their gift for music at local resorts, weddings and other events and their love of Jazz.

At 36, Jervon is the oldest of five kids. Janardo is the youngest at 25. Jervon delved into the world of music while he was still in primary school. His and Janardo’s uncle Mackey played in a band that would perform at their parents’ restaurant. The two brothers toyed with other instruments before finding the right one for them. First, it was drums. They made the most noise, after all. Jacynth Laporte, Jervon and Janardo’s mother, will attest to that.

“We didn’t have a real big house. We had a two-bedroom with five children and this noise going on all day,” Jacynth said, laughing. “As soon as you shout at them, they stop right then. And before you know, they’re back at it.”

Now playing full time both brothers have written and published their own music, own CD’s and are at a different resort almost every night of the week. Staying at Amanyara, Beaches, The Sands or Grace Bay Club? Be sure to grab a drink, sit back and soak up some cool jazz.

For more on this story head over to Island Life and Times.

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