North Caicos Sites to See

North Caicos – Sites to See

By Cynclair P. Musgrove

Let me take you on a tour,
Of a few historical sites;
That will tickle your senses,
And fill you with pure delight.

First, you’ll journey on water,
With a kaleidoscopic view;
That range from turquoise,
To hues of aquamarine blue.

As you land on North Caicos,
Called the TCI Garden Isles;
You’ll be met by friendly faces,
Decked out in sunny smiles.

As you journey further inland,
Amazingly you’re sure to find;
Such a mix of historical sites,
By Mother Nature or mankind.

First stop is the Cottage Pond,
It’s a perfect mystical sphere;
was created when a meteorite,
Crashed and landed down here.

It’s a gift from Mother Nature,
As the fable has been told;
That one fetching mermaid,
Lured our men in days of old.

Next stop is to Wades Green,
A real slave plantation site;
That holds centuries of secrets,
Of slaves and their tragic plight.

Flamingo Pond is God’s gift,
Filled with majestic pink birds;
From as far as eyes can see,
They are seen but never heard.

These sites are a must see,
As they bring visitors delight;
Islanders do take great pride,
In all of these historical sites.

Cynclair P. Musgrove

Cynclair-Musgrove - North Caicos

Cynclair Pearly Musgrove’s first passion is teaching. As a primary school teacher, she developed a bond with her students and their parents that extended beyond the classroom. Ms. Musgrove ‘s other passion is the art and culture of the Turks and Caicos Islands! She is now able to marry her first love by working closely with the students on North Caicos. She is dedicated to showcasing the plethora of TCI talent that abounds among them. Ms. Musgrove is blessed with yet another passion: writing poetry about the Turks and Caicos Islands. 

Ms. Musgrove says that she considers being District Commissioner of North Caicos her dream job because it affords her the opportunity to affect the lives of not only students, but all of her people, especially senior citizens. Each day presents the chance to make a difference!

Ms. Musgrove’s debut book entitled ‘TURKS AND CAICOS PRIDE: People Places & Politics’ is available now by clicking here

Wedes Green Plantation
Wades Green Plantation

North Caicos Sites to See

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