Speaking of Whales – Salt Cay is Back!

Salt Cay is known as the whale watching mecca in TCI and visitors enjoy its unique laid back charm and rustic feel. While this tiny gem was hit by Hurricanes Hannah and Ike in September, we’re happy to report that, thanks to the efforts of many people, organizations and corporations, Salt Cay has almost completely returned to its former self. The undersea reefs have retained their pristine beauty and divers are already hearing the call of the whales. Whale watching boats are ready to provide that once in a lifetime experience of seeing whales breech and spout only meters away. The Villas of Salt Cay, Pirate’s Hideaway and the Tradewinds Guesthouse are fully restored and ready for business. The friendly people of Salt Cay have a history of strength and resilience, so it’s no surprise that Salt Cay is thriving. Salt Cay is not just the Island that Time Forgot, but the “island that you can’t forget”, once you’ve experienced it.

The Villas of Salt Cay are offering a free whale watching trip for four with a full week’s booking. Check out this great blog for more information on Salt Cay, which has many useful links.

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