Travel Professionals annual meeting in TCI.

Yesterday saw the first day of “TACC” a travel conference held in Turks and Caicos every May for the top travel wholesalers, airlines and online travel agents (Expedia).

The three day event allows these top travel professionals to see first hand the islands, hotels, resorts and facilities that they offer to their clients. It’s also an opportunity to meet face to face with all the top hoteliers, discuss marketing strategies and organise promotions for 2015 and beyond.

During the conference sessions yesterday were presentation from The Premier of Turks and Caicos Dr. Rufus Ewing and an update from the tourist board on recent activity in London, Canada, the USA and most recently South America.

By all accounts the feedback from these travel experts is that Turks and Caicos is a “hot” destination that is performing well above average for the Caribbean as a whole. Arrivals for 2014 are up on the grow that was seen in 2013 and things are look bright for 2015 and beyond.

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