Want a convenient getaway? The Turks and Caicos couldn’t be easier!

If travel has changed, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Providenciales has the access, activities and accommodations for a seamless, much needed getaway.

By Simon Hénault

If you haven’t been bitten by the travel bug lately, just wait for it. In many places, Mother Nature’s acting weird. Though you probably tucked those clunky sweaters away weeks ago, in many places it’s still too chilly to pull out your sundress and sandals. Not here, though. It’s warm, sunny and one of the best options you have right now to get away from the climate, the circumstances and the clinging cold air. 

Let’s quickly review what makes Turks & Caicos so great.


We’ve probably said this before, but with regular flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington namely, nothing’s easier than securing a seat and getting over here. Reading this from Europe? It’s simple, too! There are one-stop flights from London to Providenciales. 

Grace Bay Beach aerial


The beauty of an island is you have greater control on arrivals and departures. Our government knows our local population relies on tourism for survival and has been very careful with protocol. This means we’ve steered clear of major outbreaks, but it also means that compared to other islands, we now have limited travel restrictions that make sense. 


If the larger all-inclusive resorts are less than appealing, know that Turks & Caicos is reputed for the sheer amount of private villas it offers for its guests. While we’re here, we’ve listed 3 reasons to choose a rental home in 2021. Large, small, modern, tropical, luxurious, oceanfront, private or just plain accommodating, you’re sure to find a set of keys that unlock the best beach holiday setting you could imagine. And if you do prefer hotels and resorts, know that choices are unparalleled in quality and there’s plenty of variety. 

White Villas Turks and Caicos Accommodation, Luxury Villas


We’ve told you about all the amazing dining experiences before, but it’s worth repeating:

a tropical island destination with few all-inclusive resorts means loads of restaurant choices! When on Providenciales, travellers tend to eat out… a lot. And the best part is reliable weather with picture perfect settings makes it easy to eat outdoors, get some fresh air and indulge in all kinds of tasty treats. 

Local Cuisine - Turks Caicos Islands


If you’re travelling with your people, you’re going to need to please plenty of tastes, rhythms and interests. Make sure everyone has the best time, without having to book activities weeks in advance, like you probably do back home. “And what is there to do?”, you ask. So many things. Here’s a post we put together a little while back to get you started on activities in the TCI

Provo Ponies horse back riding

VITAMIN B stands for BEACH

Need an extra nudge to book a beach getaway? Science says spending time by the ocean breeze is good for your eyes, ears, skin and mood.  We’ve always felt great living on Providenciales and by creating a space to welcome others, we feel like we’re also helping them reap the benefits, fill up on some much needed energy and return home feeling new. While you don’t live here full time, investing in beach time is sure to help you reboot and refresh. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Grace Bay Beach


Know what’s great about a small island? Everything is 10 minutes away, roads are easy to maintain, locals know each other and travellers feel a sense of community.  As an important holiday destination, we’re serious about security and that means warm, welcoming residents, first-class medical facilities and a deep commitment to keeping our visitors content and comfortable at all times. 

We could go on. We’re sold on our destination, of course. If you’ve ever been here, you know what it’s like. And if you haven’t, don’t take our word for it, ask around… come down! We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Tours and Excursions Turks and Caicos

About the author

Simon Hénault resides in the Turks and Caicos Islands and is the developer of White Villas which features 8 private villas on Providenciales. Family-owned and managed, its unique offering represents a safe, affordable alternative to the all-inclusive circuit, with attentive, family-oriented service that won’t break the bank – A travel option appreciated by their guests as their +100 5-star reviews testify. Visit WhiteVillas.net for detailed information or contact Simon by emailing simon@whitevillas.net or calling 1 649 345-3179.

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