Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of…Bambarra

What would a Caribbean island be without its own rum? Recently some local entrepreneurs have introduced the first rum made here in the Turks & Caicos. The rum comes in traditional white and gold, as well as a premium version that is ideal for sipping on the beach, around the pool, at any of TCI’s restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

And, it’s not just smooth drinking – it celebrates an important historical and cultural aspect of our islands.

Bambarra takes its name from the settlement on Middle Caicos. This is the spot that was settled by the survivors of the shipwreck Trouvadore, which crashed on the reef just off East Caicos in 1841. The ship was a slave trader from Africa (with passengers coming from the village of Bambarra in East Africa), and when they made it to land in the Turks & Caicos they were granted freedom since slavery had been abolished years before in the UK Territory.

Ask for Bambarra by name when you visit Turks & Caicos and be sure to take home a bottle for your friends or as a souvenir. To learn more about the Trouvadore, visit the TCI National Museum in Grand Turk, or go to http://www.slaveshiptrouvadore.com/

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