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Famous Grace Bay Beach

Is Turks and Caicos Right For You?

By Simon Hénault If you like the nightlife and need to boogie, you’ll probably want to head elsewhere and that’s cool.  If, however, you’re into lazy days, water play, breathing fresh and basking in some of the clearest ocean waters in the world, then « Hellooo. Is it me you’re looking for? »  Every destination caters to a certain kind of traveller, and that’s a good thing. Finding your perfect match can mean the difference between a holiday that’s delightful or an experience you’d rather forget. Let’s figure out if

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Flamingo Pond Things to See in North Caico

North Caicos Sites to See

North Caicos – Sites to See – By Cynclair P. Musgrove. Let me take you on a tour
Of a few historical sites;
That will tickle your senses
And fill you with pure delight.

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Rum Cake: A Turks & Caicos Holiday Treat

Rum Cake: A Turks & Caicos Holiday Treat

Celebrate the holidays with one of the popular and flavorful island desserts We are now merely days away from the start of a new year and the islands are buzzing with a festive spirit. Despite the challenging year, there is an evident sense of gratitude and good cheer among the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Similar to other cultures, the holidays are spent surrounded by family and loved ones who celebrate together while sharing delicious, flavorful food. Even during this period of social distancing, kitchens throughout the Turks

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