Fresh Catch Restaurant – in the heart of Gracebay.

When Janardo Laporte was a kid, his father ran one of the most popular local restaurants on the island – Fast Eddie’s. His mother, meanwhile, loved to cook for other people. If you told Jacynth Laporte you were hungry, you had to be prepared to eat at least a few meals. So it’s no surprise that at 24, Janardo decided to borrow secret recipes and tips from his parents to open a restaurant of his own. “Even if I wanted to, I probably couldn’t get away from it,” says Janardo, now 25 and owner of Fresh Catch in Grace Bay. As Janardo was working to open a place of his own, he looked to the Grace Bay strip. While the area had plenty of restaurant choices, Janardo noticed a lack of truly local options. He decided to add some TCI flavor to the mix. “Why not have a piece of the Turks and Caicos in walking distance?” Janardo says. Janardo opened up shop in October 2012, renting a small corner space in Salt Mills plaza. A year later, the restaurant underwent renovations, expanding to twice its original size to make it more visible to passersby and accommodate a growing customer base. The inside of the restaurant has a cool, clean vibe. On the restaurant walls are iconic images of the island – a Queen conch, a fishing boat, Mudjin Harbour on Middle Caicos. Smooth jazz plays throughout the restaurant in the mornings and evenings. Some of that music is Janardo’s – he’s also a saxophonist and a highly sought-after musician on the island. At lunchtime – the busiest time for Fresh Catch – the music is less subdued, more energetic, to match the afternoon frenzy. The menu offers a variety of local options, from conch served any way you like it to steamed fish. On Fridays only, the restaurant serves Jacynth Laporte’s famous peas soup and dough – and it goes fast.

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